Convert Units of Flow Rate

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How to convert flow rate units using the AddUp calculator

How to convert units in general

Conversions can be done either with the "->" conversion operator or with the equivalent "convert" function. The function has three parameters: a quantity, a unit to convert from and a unit to convert to. Likewise the conversion operator uses three values: the quantity and unit to convert from are placed on the left side of the operator while the unit to convert to goes to the right side.

Flow Rate Units

The basic unit of flow rate is the umec (cubic meter per second). All units of flow rate are expressed in terms of this base unit and so measurements can be converted from any one of the following units to any other.

Basic unit of flow rate (cubic meter / second): 1 cumec
cubic foot / second: 0.028316846592 cumec
Liters per second: 0.001 cumec
million cubic meter / second: 1e+6 cumec

Sample Conversions of Flow Rate Units

Convert cumec (cubit meter per second) to cused (cubic foot per second)

10 cumec -> cusec = 353.14667

convert(10; cumec; cusec) = 353.14667

Convert cumec to liters per second

10 cumec -> lps = 10,000

convert(10; cumec; lps) = 10,000

Convert cumec to sverdrup

10 cumec -> sverdrup = 0.00001

convert(10; cumec; sverdrup) = 0.00001

Convert cusec to cumec

10 cusec -> cumec = 0.2831685

convert(10; cusec; cumec) = 0.2831685

Convert cusec to liters per second

10 cusec -> lps = 283.16847

convert(10; cusec; lps) = 283.16847

Convert sverdrup to cumec

10 sverdrup -> cumec = 10,000,000

convert(10; sverdrup; cumec) = 10,000,000