Convert Units of Insulation Coefficient

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How to convert insulation coefficient units using the AddUp calculator

How to convert units in general

Conversions can be done either with the "->" conversion operator or with the equivalent "convert" function. The function has three parameters: a quantity, a unit to convert from and a unit to convert to. Likewise the conversion operator uses three values: the quantity and unit to convert from are placed on the left side of the operator while the unit to convert to goes to the right side.

Insulation Coefficient Units

The basic unit of insulation coefficient is the RSI. All units of insulation coefficient are expressed in terms of this base unit and so measurements can be converted from any one of the following units to any other.

clothing unit: 0.155 rsi
Basic unit of insulation coefficient (1 m2 K / watt): 1 rsi
commercial unit: 0.1761101838 rsi
clothing unit: 0.1 rsi

Sample Conversions of Insulation Coefficient Units

Convert RSI to clo

10 RSI -> Clo = 64.516129

convert(10; rsi; clo) = 64.516129

Convert RSI to R value

10 rsi -> rValue = 56.782633

convert(10; RSI; RValue) = 56.782633

Convert RSI to Tog

10 RSI -> Tog = 100

convert(10; rsi; tog) = 100

Convert clo to tog

10 clo -> tog = 15.5

convert(10; clo; tog) = 15.5

Convert tog to clo

10 tog -> clo = 6.4516129

convert(10; tog; clo) = 6.4516129

Convert R Value to RSI

10 rValue -> RSI = 1.7611018

convert(10; RValue; rsi) = 1.7611018